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Research Responsibilities and Compliance

Export Control Training

Export Controls can be very complicated and determining if and when your activity or research may require an export license is not easy. The Office of Secure Research (OSR) is committed to providing training when needed and when requested to assist Ohio State faculty, staff, students, visitors, volunteers, guests and all others retained by or working at the university in learning about and complying with United States export control regulations.

OSR Provided Training and Tools

Technology Control Plan Training

Because the majority of university activity is exempt from export control regulations, it is critical that all persons interacting with export controlled technical data/technology on campus understand their obligations. The Office of Secure Research provides training to all persons listed on Technology Control Plans (TCPs) to ensure that they understand the restrictions on their work and how it differs from the un-controlled research they conduct at the university. 

Office of Sponsored Programs and Engineering Sponsored Program Services 

The Office of Secure Research provides an annual refresher training for everyone in the Office of Sponsored Programs and Engineering Sponsored Program Services. Discussions include Fundamental Research and problematic contract provisions, as well as strategies for dealing with troublesome clauses. 


The Office of Secure Research provides training to purchasing focused on identifying when ITAR controlled items are being purchased and on interactions with restricted parties and parties of concern.

Office of Innovation and Economic Development

The Office of Secure Research provides and annual refresher training for everyone in the Office of Innovation and Economic Development. Topics include how treating data as confidential or proprietary can trigger export control regulations and the receipt of controlled items and technical data/technology. 

Restricted Party Screening

There are a variety of people at Ohio State that have access to the university approved software for conducting Restricted Party Screenings. The Office of Secure Research will provide training focused on restricted parties and how to use the software.

Faculty and Staff

The Office of Secure Research will meet with faculty and staff at department level meetings, university sponsored events, staff meetings and will meet one-on-one, as requested to provide customized training focused on the needs of the audience.

Virtru email encryption 

The Enterprise for Research, Innovation and Knowledge secure research team partners with the Office of Technology and Digital Innovation to provide the Virtru email tool for researchers that have a Technology Control Plans (TCP). A researcher receives a license for the Virtru email encryption tool when they are added to a TCP. The Virtru license is removed when a researcher is no longer listed as active on any TCPs. Training for the Virtru tool is provided at each TCP training session. The Virtru encryption tool is different than the secure email service, OSUSecure, which is offered to the broader university community.

External Resources for Export Control Training

In addition to the training materials provided by the university, there are several external resources available that can provide additional information regarding export controls.

The United States Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) 

On-line training modules covering export controls, deemed exports, performing export control classifications, license exceptions, and anti-boycott regulations are available. The training modules are broken up into short video segments that provide general information on the essentials of export control in a very accessible and user-friendly format. The on-line training can be found at BIS On-line Training Room.

CITI Export Control Training

Individuals seeking training in export control regulations as they relate to university research may complete the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) web-based course: US Export Control Regulation. The course contains modules providing a basic overview of export controls. Also provided is information specific to the various federal agencies that oversee export controls including the State Department’s International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), the Commerce Department’s Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). The CITI course can be used to fulfill the export control training requirement for university staff, students and/or employees that may be required by certain Colleges or Departments. Log on at to begin your training. If you need access assistance or other guidance, visit the OR Help Desk Knowledgebase.