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Personnel Appointments

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Persons working on sponsored projects administered through the Office of Sponsored Programs are employed in accordance with Ohio State faculty appointments and staff employment policies. Any sponsor specific requirements is noted in the Award Overview tab in the PI Portal.

All employment appointments on sponsored projects are made in Workday using department specific procedures. To meet sponsor reporting requirements, grant-funded appointments should be initiated or updated promptly. Common times when grant appointments need to be reviewed include:

  • when a new award is established
  • at the beginning and end of semesters (especially for graduate student appointments)
  • when a new person begins work on the grant
  • when an appointment is changed e.g., employee leaves, moves to a new funding source

Grant and Award End Actions

Shortly before a grant ends, all appointed personnel should have a new appointment, either to a different grant or to a university source, entered into Workday. Failure to do so will result in charges continuing to accumulate on the ended grant. Any unresolved overrun on a sponsored award will be transferred to the cost centers listed in the expenditure allocation section of the PA-005 after the award has been closed.

If a staff member’s employment will be terminated at the conclusion of a sponsored project, it is important that university’s reduction in force policies be followed especially with regard to adequate advance written notification. Questions concerning personnel termination actions should be directed to human resources.

Payroll Accounting Adjustment

A Payroll Accounting Adjustment (PAA) is the mechanism by which already incurred salary and benefit charges are moved from one funding source to another. It is important that PAAs using grant funds be completed as soon as the need is identified so the university can stay in compliance with sponsor billing and reporting requirements.