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Award Management

Ordering in Workday

On January 7, 2020, Ohio State began using Workday Financials for Finance and Supply Chain functions. The following actions help ensure orders are processed quickly.

Prioritized Internal Orders

Grants Shared Services Center (GSSC) has prioritized processing of internal orders for same day processing. Select the correct internal supplier on your requisition so GSSC can quickly identify the request as an internal order and expedite it.

Non-Catalog Requisitions

  • for Non-Catalog requisitions, always use spend category SC99999 (note: GSSC has set up a triage to quickly review and assign the correct spend category for anything coded as SC99999)
  • for Buckeye Buy orders, the correct spend category will pull from the catalog

High Priority Requisitions

To assist GSSC in identifying and processing high priority requisitions that are truly urgent:

  • select the High Priority checkbox for any urgent requests
  • email to prompt us to expedite anything that is truly urgent

Business Purpose

Provide as much detail as possible in the internal memo field to support the business purpose, especially for general purpose items. The more detailed business purpose, the easier it is for GSSC and/or the SPO to determine allowability of the purchase.

Additional Information

Business Manager 2

Andrew Jasin

Senior Accountant

Drew Siegel

Senior Accountant

Jared Heeter

Senior Accountant

Jared Stechschulte

Senior Accountant

Bradley Hess