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Research Responsibilities and Compliance

Responsible Conduct of Research

As a national flagship public research university, The Ohio State University is privileged and compelled to model the highest standards of research integrity. To affirm our commitment, Ohio State requires all faculty, staff, and students eligible to conduct research at Ohio State to be trained in the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR). All research eligible individuals must take the Collaborative Institutional Training Institute “CITI” RCR course unless you’ve taken it in the past while at Ohio State, or taken it within the last five years at a previous institution. This requirement is in addition to any other RCR training that you may have taken to date.

NOTE:  Beginning September 2018, all faculty, staff and students who have not yet completed RCR training, continued access to certain university systems and processes related to research will be suspended until RCR training is completed. This includes, but is not limited to, submission of IBC, IRB, and IACUC protocols and amendments; new project award set-up; project amendment processing and access to certain internal funding programs.

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Responsible Conduct of Research