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Submission Checklist

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Prior to submitting a proposal, the principal investigator (PI) must complete the Authorization to Seek Off-Campus Funds (ePA-005). Once completed, the ‘form’ is automatically routed for signature by each PI and Co-PI, and pre-designated Department and College approvers. The fully approved ePA-005 is the Office of Sponsored Program’s authorization from the department and college to submit the proposal. Submit your completed proposal (on paper or electronically, depending on sponsor requirements) and all other required documentation to the sponsored program officer with whom you have been working. The sponsored program officer will review the proposal for completeness and compliance with university and sponsor guidelines. The sponsored program officer will contact you for clarification or follow-up as needed.

Ohio State uses Cayuse, a system-to-system web-based tool for most federal/ proposal submissions. The major exception is that NSF proposals are submitted through Non-federal sponsors use a variety of submission mechanisms, which your sponsored program officer can assist with. In Cayuse and other online proposal submission systems, your sponsored program officer provides the official institutional signature by submitting the proposal.

Submission Checklist

Authorization to Seek Off-Campus Funding Form

Completed and fully approved Authorization to Seek Off-Campus Funding form (ePA-005) that documents the following:

  • commitments of cost sharing or matching funds from the college and department
  • commitment of cost sharing from ERIK, if applicable
  • commitment from the chairperson and dean regarding additional space, if needed

Responsible Conduct of Research Plan

All faculty, staff, and students eligible to conduct research at Ohio State to be trained in RCR. RCR training is a federal requirement for researchers funded by National Science Foundation (NSF), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the United States Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA NIFA). Ohio State meets these requirements by a combination of online CITI RCR training and in-person RCR courses/workshops offered by Ohio State.

Human Subjects and/or Animal Use Protocols Submitted

  • Protocol approval dates (if required and available) noted on the proposal and the ePA-005 form.
  • A grant congruency review which ensures the animal activity outlined in the proposal has been approved by the Ohio State Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) in an active, approved protocol is required by federal granting agencies. The review can be done post-proposal submission.

Subcontracting Plan and/or Cost Analysis

A subcontracting plan and/or cost analysis (if required). Office of Sponsored Programs will assist in preparing these plans.

Subcontractor Commitment Letter

Appropriate letters of commitment from subcontractors included in the proposal along with their signed cover pages, budgets, and checklists, if required.

Principal Investigator Status

A letter granting principal investigator (PI) status on file at the Office of Sponsored Programs, if the PI is not a regular faculty member.

Signed PI Transmittal Letter

A signed PI transmittal letter included with the proposal, if appropriate. Such letters are particularly useful for requesting a specific study section or nominating reviewers.

Sponsor Forms Completed

All sponsor forms, completed.

Proposal Cover Page

Proposal cover page complete and signed by PI, if required. Office of Sponsored Programs provides institutional signature(s) on the proposal and any required certification and assurance forms.

Appendices with a Table of Contents

Appropriately identified appendices with a table of contents, if applicable.