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Research Responsibilities and Compliance

Per Diem Rates and Fees

University Laboratory Animal Resources (ULAR) is required to recover the costs associated with the care of laboratory animals through per diem rates. Invoices are processed monthly and charged interdepartmentally to the principal investigator’s Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) project or Workday tags as located on the animal cage card and room census sheet. For additional information, contact

Per diem rates are based on the cost analysis and recovery procedures delineated in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Cost Analysis and Rate Setting Manual for Animal Research Facilities.

When preparing grant applications, budget for a 4% annual increase in per diem rates.

Rodent Rates and Fees

All rodents are charged by the cage, rather than by the individual animal. Biohazard is added at a 30% surcharge to the per diem rate. For additional information, contact

Description Category FY 2023 Rates FY 2023 Set-up Fee
Mouse Ventilated $0.83/Cage $2.49/Cage
  Ventilated (paper bedding) $0.86/Cage $2.58/Cage
  Ventilated (enhanced) $1.23/Cage $3.69/Cage
  Ventilated (sterile) $1.04/Cage $3.12/Cage
  Ventilated (sterile, enhanced) $1.42/Cage $4.26/Cage
  Static (standard size) $1.04/Cage $3.12/Cage
  Static (sterile, standard size) $1.55/Cage $4.64/Cage
  Static (sterile, large cage) $2.36/Cage $7.09/Cage
Rats Ventilated $1.55/Cage $4.64/Cage
  Ventilated (paper bedding) $1.71/Cage $5.13/Cage
  Ventilated (sterile) $2.32/Cage $6.95/Cage
  Static $2.36/Cage $7.08/Cage

Other Species Rates and Fees

Description Category Rates Set-up Fees
Aquatic Tanks Zebrafish $33.00 rack $99.00 rack
Poultry Brooder units $13.41 unit $40.22 unit
  Multiple/cage or run $2.84 animal $8.51 animal
  Single/cage $8.13 animal $24.40 animal
Birds (Other) Multiple/cages (songbirds) $1.02 animal $3.06 animal
  Single (depends on size of cage and bird) $1.06 unit variable unit
Cats Cage $8.91 animal $26..74 animal
Cotton Rats Ventilated rat cage $1.55 cage $4.64 cage
Dogs Run $12.67 animal $38.00 animal
Frogs Cage $0.75 animal $2.25 animal
Goats Run/stall $14.30 animal $42.89 animal
Guinea Pigs Single $2.48 animal $7.43 animal
  Multiple $2.11 animal $6.33 animal
Hamsters Static mouse cage $1.06 animal $3.18 animal
  Static rat cage $2.36 animal $7.08 animal
  Ventilated rat cage $1.55 animal $4.64 animal
Horses Standard/stall $27.07 animal $81.21 animal
  Ponies $19.24 animal $57.72 animal
Pigs < 50 Kg (single run) $11.51 animal $34.54 animal
  > 50 Kg (double run) $14.80 animal $44.40 animal
  Piglets $3.88 animal $11.64 animal
Primates Macaque monkeys $14.20 animal $42.59 animal
  Macaque monkeys (quarantine) $27.60 animal $82.80 animal
  NHP misc variable animal variable animal
Rabbits Cage $4.94 animal $14.83 animal
Sheep Run/stall $14.87 animal $44.64 animal

Husbandry Special Services

All husbandry special service requests must be submitted at least 3 business days in advance using the Rodent Supply Request form.

Description Category Fees
Miscellaneous Rodent weaning per IACUC fee $25.00 per weaned cage
  Increased frequency of mouse cage changes Add $50% for weekly/Add 100% for biweekly
  Increased frequency of rat cage changes Add 50% for biweekly
  Room charge Variable depending on size and function
  Biohazard fee 30% Variable depending on services
  Water (bottle charge) (PI requested) $0.25 cage/day
  Feed jar $0.25 cage/day
  Hut/toy $0.25 cage/day
  Crinkle paper $0.03 cage/day
  BSL3 / select agent facility per diem Variable depending on services
Personnel Labor Fees Technician fees $39.50 / hour
  Technician fees (weekends/holidays / after hours) $56.47 / hour
  Veterinary professional fees Arranged
Delivery Services On-campus delivery $25 pre-arranged; variable for last minute
  On-campus delivery (van) Time plus mileage (per university mileage rate)
  On-campus delivery (truck) Time plus mileage (per university mileage rate)

Surgical and Technical Service Fees

Surgery Services
Extensive, state-of-the-art surgical facilities are available in Wiseman Hall. Charges are based on the room and equipment used and the support services requested. To request surgery, complete the Surgery Scheduling Request form. Contact with specific questions.

When applicable, charged at cost + 65%. If unable to order supplies due to licensing requirements, it may be possible to order through ULAR by contacting Orders are placed every 2 weeks, so plan accordingly. Additional charges may apply if an urgent order is needed.

Schedule Technical Services
To schedule technical services, complete the Request for Technical Services – Rodents form. Contact for further details.

Buprenorphine Sustained Release (BUP-SR)
Requests for the administration of BUP-SR must go through the LAHT in your facility by completing the Buprenorphine ER Injection Request form. For more information review the guidelines, stop by (BRT 0010), or call the LAHT office (614-688-4375).

Description Category Rates and Fees
Operating Room Charges Room prep (clean up) Tech time
  Room use (7 a.m. - 4 p.m.) $160.02/day
  After-hours room use $48.56/hour
  Procedure cancellation (less than 24 hours notice) Variable
Animal Preparation Excluding Drugs Basic prep $36.95/each
  Standard prep $49.61/each
  Extensive prep $63.34/each
  Surcharge for large animals (>100 lbs) $36.31/each
Personnel Labor Fee
(rounded up to the nearest 15-minute increment and may include travel time)
Technician fees (Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.) $39.50/hour
  Technician fees (weekends/holidays/after-hours) $56.47/hour
  Veterinary professional fees Arranged
Sterilization Autoclave $13.24/load
  Ethylene Oxide $29.09/load
Equipment Usage Anesthetic machine $26.92/use
  Anesthetic machine monitoring (Dynamap, Pulse Ox, ECG) $20.37/use
  Cautery (includes Bovie pad and pencil) $26.92/each
  Ventilator $13.24/use
  Suction $22.06/each
Medications, Injections, Treatments Pharmacy Cost + 65%
  Supplies Cost + 65%
  Spontaneous disease treatment/workups N/C
Surgery Surcharge Non-Ohio State users 64.9% fee applied

Quality Assurance Laboratory Fees

Description Category Fees
Miscellaneous Technician fees $38.53/hour
  Laboratory services Cost + 50%
  International health certificate $106.00