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Research Responsibilities and Compliance

Quality Assurance Assessment Program

The Office of the Attending Veterinarian Quality Assurance (QA) laboratory provides routine health surveillance of all University of Laboratory Animal Resources (ULAR) animal facilities via a “sentinel” program, vendor health reports, and environmental testing, and validation of sanitation effectiveness. The QA team also provides services to non-ULAR areas on a fee-for-service basis. 

ULAR Rodent Health Monitoring Program

  • health status is tested tri-annually using PCR testing of exhaust air duct filters for each rodent IVC rack, or via live sentinel animals if not housed on a ventilated rack
  • the research team will be contacted only if their colony animals test positive for excluded agents, test results for the IVC rack housing your mice can be provided on request
  • in addition to ongoing surveillance of in-house rodent colonies, the sentinel test results are used to generate health reports for animals being exported to other institutions.
  • other agents may be restricted at the room level

Diagnostic Testing Services

Comprehensive testing services are available for diseases within colonies on a case-by-case basis.

  • diagnostic workup of sick animals may include serology, culture, and/or necropsy for gross and histopathologic findings (for herd health and/or spontaneous disease, testing may be completed by OAV staff at no charge to the principal investigator)
  • clinical and anatomic pathology support, including histology and immunohistochemistry services can be facilitated by the QA team
  • cell line testing
  • rederivation services 
  • training on sample collection techniques for testing or necropsies as requested.
  • support for GLP studies, including environmental testing of water and caging prior to and following the studies