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Research Impacts

Federal Government Shutdown

Potential Federal Government Shutdown

Updated January 19, 2024

This page contains the latest information and guidance on potential impacts to research operations during a government shutdown and will be updated as needed.

As of January 19, Congress passed a two-tiered continuing resolution (CR), temporarily averting a government shutdown. In the “laddered” CR, four appropriations bills (Military Construction-VA, Transportation-HUD, Agriculture, and Energy & Water) were extended until March 1, 2024, and the remaining eight bills to March 8, 2024. For additional information on the status of the current CR, please visit Ohio State’s Office of Government Affairs.

If there is a short-term shutdown, we expect minimal disruption of our day-to-day operations. The impact could become more significant in the event of a longer shutdown.

If you have planned meetings, travel or conferences with federal funders or entities, make sure to check for postponements or changes beforehand. 

Current Federally-Funded Research Projects

The majority of federally-funded projects are grants, and work on those projects can continue as planned.

A small number of federally-funded projects are contracts rather than grants, and a stop work order may be issued by contract funders.

  • If a stop work order is issued for a contract, the sponsoring agency and/or the Office of Sponsored Programs will be in direct contact with the principal investigator. In this case, PIs should work with their sponsored program officer and department administrator to determine next steps.
  • Consult your sponsored program officer for guidance on any research that is considered essential and should not cease during a stop work order.

Federal agencies have filed shutdown contingency plans that provide information about what might happen during a shutdown. Generally:

  • Administrative processes related to federal funding would be on hold.
  • Federal agency program officers and grants management staff would not be available to answer questions, approve requests, etc.
  • Federal websites, business applications and other systems may be unavailable or have limited functionality, including little or no support for problem resolution.
  • New funding opportunities would not be issued, panel reviews would be postponed and no new grants or no-cost extensions would be awarded.
  • Awarded projects may be disrupted during a shutdown if they are conducted in a federal facility.

Proposals in Development

  • For those planning to submit proposals, we recommend that you continue preparation and internal submission.
  • If a shutdown occurs, the Office of Sponsored Programs will work with investigators to file at the appropriate time.