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Research Responsibilities and Compliance

Privacy Board

The Privacy Board reviews requests for waiver of HIPAA authorization in human subjects research involving protected health information (PHI) that has been determined to be exempt. For human subjects research that involves PHI requiring IRB review, the IRBs act as the Privacy Boards for requests for waiver of HIPAA authorization.

HIPAA Privacy Board Members

HIPAA Privacy Board Members as of September 1, 2022

Members Institution Affiliation
Tish Denlinger, CIP Staff
Kevin Harper Non-affiliated
Sarah Hersch, MA, CIP Staff
Melanie Howell Staff
Michael Para, MD, Chair Faculty
Ellen Patricia, MS, CIP Staff
Tom Raasch, OD, PhD, Vice Chair Faculty
Jacob Stoddard, BA, CIP Staff

HIPAA Privacy Board Non-Members

HIPAA Privacy Board Non-Members as of September 1, 2022

Medical Center Technical Expert (non-member) Institution Affiliation
Kathleen Ojala, J.D. Staff