Updates to the Buck-IRB system

New updates to the Buck-IRB submission system go live on June 21, 2017.

Several foundational changes are included in this update to prepare for future enhancements to Buck-IRB’s management of collaborative research projects. While other changes are being implemented, the majority will occur behind the scenes with little or no direct impact on investigators. The following features are incorporated in this latest update:

  • The initial IRB application pages were reorganized to open in a different order (see below) to permit future multi-site research system enhancements:
    • Study Identification
    • Type of Review
    • Review Board
    • Location
    • Multi-site
    • Study Personnel
    • External Collaborators
    • Funding
  • Addition of a general study correspondence feature to permit ORRP staff to contact investigators and research staff through Buck-IRB; this email communication will be stored in the system for future reference.
  • Improved instructions added to the Privacy page.

Login to Buck-IRB at go.osu.edu/Buck-IRB.

For additional information about this Buck-IRB update, please contact Susan Ebert at ebert.55@osu.edu.