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Coronavirus and Your Research Program

Ohio State Guidance and Contacts

To read critical research and creative expression guidance please click on the appropriate links.

  • Guidance and FAQs from the Office of Responsible Research Practices for human subjects-related research (originally issued on March 12, 2020. Updates are posted regularly on the site.)

If you have any questions about your research program, please contact your sponsored program officer. If you have questions related to your IRB protocols, please email If you have any other questions, please contact


Federal Agency Guidance

As additional federal agencies provide guidance we will add links here.

(Guidance sent to Grantees, Subject to Change)


Other Sponsored Research Guidance


Additional Resources


Prepare for Possible Impacts on Your Research

As the country and state prepare for the potential impacts of COVID-19, this is a good time to prepare about its possible impacts on your research program.

  • What would the impact be to my research and sponsored programs if I had to self-quarantine for two weeks?
  • What would the impact be to my research and sponsored programs if more than one of my research staff had to self-quarantine for two weeks?
  • Are there studies involving participants, animals, ingredients, or experiments that would be adversely affected? If so, what plans should be put in place to allow for them to continue or allow for them to be stopped and later resumed in the least impactful way?
  • What standing purchasing orders or human resource issues might be impacted?
  • Would data collection/analysis/storage be impacted?
  • What costs would be associated with these impacts?
  • What regulatory approvals will be expiring soon and what would be the impacts if they are not renewed? Can they be renewed early?
  • Are there any collaborators that need to be notified?
  • What sponsor reports or deadlines might be due during this time period?
  • Would the impact of these actions warrant a for-cost or no-cost extension request for any of my sponsored projects?
  • What notice might I need to give sponsors or regulators if the research is going to be paused or significantly delayed beyond a couple of weeks?

Once you have considered the impact for each of these scenarios, please take appropriate steps to make sure your research program is prepared.