New Combined Consent and HIPAA Authorization Templates Available

Two new templates, The Ohio State University Combined Consent to Participate in Research and HIPAA Research Authorization (07/18/16) and The Ohio State University Combined Parental Permission and HIPAA Authorization for Child’s Participation in Research (07/18/16), are now posted online and available for use in research studies requiring written consent and HIPAA research authorization.

The combined forms can be used in submissions to any Ohio State IRB (Behavioral, Biomedical, or Cancer), allowing consent and HIPAA authorization to be obtained using a single form and signature.  Investigators can still chose to use a process involving a separate consent form alongside the stand-alone HIPAA research authorization form if desired, and such a process may be more appropriate or required for some studies.

The combined templates and guidance can be accessed at Consent, Assent, and Parental Permission.

For questions, please contact Cheri Pettey at