Growing Research Opportunities

Growing Research Opportunities (GRO), a new initiative launched by the Office of Research, is envisioned as a multi-faceted program to help position Ohio State for research excellence in new areas.

First Phase: Workshops

The first phase of GRO includes funding for two types of workshops: Ideation Workshops and Futures Workshops. Both of these workshops are to support interdisciplinary or convergence research teams of three or more faculty to engage in workshops to develop ideas for new funding pursuits. The goals of these workshops are to foster intellectually diverse, collaborative research across units, catalyze new scholarly pursuits for our faculty, and help generate compelling future research proposals. More specifically:

  • Ideation Workshops are facilitated, question-driven workshops with team members designed to catalyze new ideas and form new collaborations to pursue interdisciplinary and/or convergence research with external funding potential within a 12-24 month timeframe.
  • Futures Workshops are designed to define ‘next big leap’ research questions or critical challenges in an identified topical area of interdisciplinary inquiry in which Ohio State may position itself for research leadership in 3-5 years.

Get Involved

Interested teams are encouraged to contact the Research Development Office at 614-292-8170 to discuss ideas prior to submission. In addition, you may watch the previously held information sessions held in January and February at the Research Commons.

Proposal Submission

Proposals for each of the workshops will be accepted between January 2 and March 2, 2020

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