Collaborative Archive and Data Research Environment (CADRE) services now available

The Ohio State University Libraries has partnered with Indiana University’s CADRE project to provide researchers with standardized text and data mining services for both licensed and open big datasets at no cost. CADRE gives bibliometric researchers and librarians open access to its standardized text-and-data mining services for licensed big datasets, as well as open and non-consumptive datasets too large or unwieldy to work with in existing research library environments.

CADRE is currently seeded with the Web of Science and Microsoft Academic Graph datasets, both of which are available to Ohio State researchers. Together, these datasets provide over 220 million scientific publications and 1.7 billion citations for researchers to work with.

CADRE’s cloud-based platform also includes a GUI query-builder for easy querying of datasets, Jupyter Notebook for those who want to code their own data-analysis and visualizations tools, and a marketplace where users can reproduce queries, data-analysis tools, research results, and more.

View training and demo videossign-up for an account or access promotional materials.

Please email with questions.

Note that while the Microsoft dataset is available to all researchers, Web of Science is currently only available for CADRE’s BTAA partner institutions.