Charles A. Csuri, Advanced Computing Center for Art and Design (ACCAD)

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Charles (Chuck) Csuri (1922- ) is the founder and emeritus director of Ohio State’s Advanced Computing Center for Art and Design (ACCAD). Described by Smithsonianmagazine as the “father of digital art and computer animation”, Csuri began creating computer animated films in 1965 after spending several years discussing the potential of computers with an engineer friend.

Csuri set aside his artistic pursuits for a number of years to work on basic research in computer graphics. The results of his work have been applied to flight simulators, computer-aided design, visualization of scientific phenomena, magnetic resonance imaging, education for the deaf, architecture, and special effects for television, films and video games, including The Chronicles of Narnia, Ice Age 2 andMadden NFL 06 video game. In the 1980s, Csuri returned to creating digital art.  His work is internationally recognized and he has been the subject of several major exhibitions. In addition, while a professor emeritus in 2000, Csuri received the Joseph Sullivant Medal, the highest alumni honor given by Ohio State to a son or daughter of the university whose achievements have been extraordinary and distinctive.