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Contact: Jeff Agnoli

Limited submission opportunities occur when a sponsor restricts or the university chooses to coordinate the number of proposals submitted by Ohio State in response to a request for proposals (RFP). When this situation arises, an internal applicant (or applicants) will be determined through a process managed by the Office of Research.


Candidate selection process
When only one investigator is interested in responding to an RFP, that investigator is automatically named as the Ohio State candidate.
When the number of interested internal candidates exceeds the number of proposals that the university can submit, the Office of Research will manage the selection process.

  • If all internal candidates are from the same college, the college’s research officer (CRO) will be responsible candidate selection.
  • When more than one college is involved, the Office of Research will form a selection committee of at least three members representing the colleges involved.
    • Each applicant must provide a pre-proposal based on sponsor guidelines and a current CV.
  • For multidisciplinary opportunities, collaborations among potential applicants are encouraged.

The Office of Research will contact all candidates regarding the decision of the selection committee. The selected candidate(s) sponsor program officer will also be notified.

Notable Programs
Researchers are encouraged to apply for some opportunities considered “distinguished or prominent.” While there is no limit to the number of proposals that can be submitted, Ohio State coordinates all applications from the institution.

Nomination Programs
Some prizes and awards require a formal nomination. In order to have a nomination considered, the designated contact person must be notified by the intent date.

Contact: Jeff Agnoli

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Ohio Development Services Agency

  • Ohio Third Frontier Program (access to business assistance, capital and talent resources to accelerate the growth of diverse startup and early stage technology companies)

Ohio HigherED (Department of Higher Education)

Foundation Funding
The Office of Foundation Relations can help faculty and staff identify potential private foundation funders. Their knowledge of relationships between the university and potential funders may help improve the competitiveness of your applications.

Buckeye Funder is the university’s crowdfunding platform, available to Ohio State faculty, staff and students.


A resource discovery tool built to facilitate translational science research. Collect and share information about your research resources with this free software and gain access to one of the largest collections of information about core facilities, iPS cell lines, and other valuable, unique or rare scientific resources in the world.

the entire scope of Ohio State research experts.

Ohio Innovation Exchange
more than 8,250 faculty profiles and 200 resources from Case Western Reserve University, Ohio University, Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati.

Research Development and Grant Writing News
A monthly electronic newsletter for faculty on how to compete successfully for research and education funding from federal agencies and foundations. Ohio State has an institutional subscription (use your Ohio State login and password.

Research Commons
A campus hub for collaborative and interdisciplinary research across all fields.