Ahmed Yousef

Ahmed Yousef, Food Science

Ahmed Yousef, professor with the Department of Food Science and Technology, established the largest ozone research laboratory in the United States, housed at Ohio State. Focusing on the effect of ozone applications, Dr. Yousef has developed ozone-based processes for pasteurizing the shell of an egg and other innovations that have led to enhanced safety of processed foods. Additionally, Yousef’s research birthed the discovery of three new antimicrobial agents: Paenibacillin, Paenibacterin, and Brevibacillin.

When Dr. Yousef is not researching, his attention lies within the classroom, teaching the main food microbiology courses at Ohio State. Through his impact in teaching and researching, Dr. Yousef has received many awards, including the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Science’s Innovator of the Year, Educator of the Year (Ohio Association for Food Protection), and the Research and Development Award (Institute of Food Technologists).