Research and Creative Expression Strategic Plan

The Office of Research undertook an inclusive process to develop the Time and Change strategic plan for Pillar 3 - Research and Creative Expression. Faculty provided significant feedback throughout the process, by leading and engaging in key workgroups, participating in surveys, and sharing important and timely information with colleagues. This planning stage culminated with the Board of Trustees endorsement of the plan at its November 2019 board meeting.

Read the Research and Creative Expression strategic plan and gain additional insights:

Research and Creative Expression Plan in Action

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2020 Prioritized Initiatives

Because the research and creative expression strategic plan touches every part of Ohio State, we invite your continued engagement and expertise. Working with faculty and research leadership, the Office of Research has identified 2020 priorities and university leads have been identified for a number of initiatives. If you are interested in helping as we further develop and implement these initiatives, please contact the university lead listed below. If you have other comments please contact us at

Faculty Advisory Group

Create a faculty advisory group composed of the most research active faculty, department chairs, and distinguished professors to be empowered in participatory decision making

Morley Stone

Top Tier Recognitions

Identify and nominate faculty for top tier recognitions including National Academy membership

Tina Henkin

Diversity and Inclusion

Incentivize efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in research and creative expression and ensure that women and underrepresented faculty are provided support at each part of the career cycle

James Moore

Jacquelyn Meshelemiah

Student Life and Wellness Initiatives

Align with the Office of Student Life and Wellness initiatives to provide holistic support, including career counseling, family support, personal and interpersonal wellness


Leadership Training Program

Create a research leadership training program open to faculty at all stages interested in developing their research leadership skills

Helen Malone

Susan Williams

Undergraduate Student Research Training

Create a training program for graduate students and postdoctoral trainees to train undergraduate students in research

Alicia Bertone

Industry and Community Partner Opportunities

Broaden opportunities and funding for student, faculty, and post-doctoral trainees to engage in collaborative research and innovation with industry and community partners

Scott Osborne

Undergraduate Student Research Participation

Increase undergraduate student research participation in on-campus experiential programs that provide translation and innovation experiences

Ola Ahlqvist

University-Community Partnerships

Increase university-community partnerships in which student research and creative expression can be used to address community partners’ needs

Ryan Schmiesing

Entrepreneur Mentorship

Engage entrepreneurs as mentors to increase opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurial experiences for students and faculty

Scott Osborne

Federal Support

Set the national research agenda and enable proactive identification of Federal research opportunities aligned with prioritized areas through a presence in Washington and working with agency leaders, to diversify and increase Federal support

Deborah Hernandez

Strategic Priorities

Enhance and support university strategic research priorities:

  • cybersecurity
  • addiction
  • mobility

Morley Stone

GRO Initiative

Establish a seedling program to stimulate new multidisciplinary collaborations in novel research and creative expression areas

Deborah Hernandez

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Proactively bring multi-disciplinary teams together to address emerging issues and opportunities

Deborah Hernandez

Space Priorities that Advance Research

Ensure that research and creative expression space priorities are included in the university’s capital plan and that they are prioritized in a manner that advances the research strategy

Morley Stone

Ohio State Cores and Facilities Committee

Establish Cores and Facilities Committee reporting to the Senior VP of Research charged with monitoring the quality and effectiveness of cores and facilities, identifying needs and barriers, and recommending solutions and new initiatives

Vicki Wyscocki

Suite of Tools

Provide an enhanced suite of tools for reporting and leverage those tools to reduce administrative burdens and delays

John Ray

Philanthropy Strategy

Collaborate with Advancement to implement a comprehensive philanthropy strategy

Sara Rubin

Institutional Support

Increase institutional support for research and creative expression

Morley Stone

Foundation Relationship Management

Understand foundation partner research needs and dedicate foundation relationship managers to work with faculty in developing new opportunities

Leanda Rix

Commercialization Training

Expand commercialization training opportunities for faculty, staff and students

Scott Osborne

Marketing and Communications Plan

Develop and implement a strategic marketing and communications plan for research and creative expression at Ohio State that focuses on priority areas and community engagement and impact

Dawn Larzelere

Experts' Bureaus

Establish Ohio State as a resource, convener and advisor, while providing an opportunity for faculty to share their current expertise and bring to the forefront their pioneering research. The first phase will identify researchers with expertise in state of Ohio priorities, including water, child development, addiction and innovation.

Dawn Larzelere

Arts and Humanities Funding Structure

Ensure there is a stable and reliable funding structure for faculty to support research and creative expression in the arts and humanities

Peter Hahn