Centers and Institutes

We provide support and oversight for a number of multidisciplinary research centers and institutes across the university.


Academic Centers

Academic centers are supported primarily by the Office of Research or jointly in collaboration with participating colleges.

The internationally recognized Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center (BPCRC) is named in honor of Admiral Richard E. Byrd, America’s most famous polar explorer. Research focuses on the role of cold regions in the Earth’s overall climate system.
The Center for Emergent Materials (CEM) is part of a network of Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers funded by the National Science Foundation. Multidisciplinary teams perform integrated research on emergent materials and phenomena in magneto electronics to create new paradigms in computing and information storage.
The Center for Lake Erie Area Research (CLEAR), home of the Ohio Sea Grant program, studies issues related to water quality, fisheries and sustainable development along the Lake Erie coastline. CLEAR, housed at Stone Laboratory on Gibraltar Island, is the nation’s oldest freshwater biological field station and the center of Ohio State’s teaching and learning on Lake Erie.
The Center for RNA Biology houses the single largest group of RNA experts in the country. The center is building on the university’s existing strengths in RNA biology to advance life sciences research and education.
The Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) harnesses Ohio State’s history of excellence in infectious disease and microbiology research, education and outreach to address the compelling challenge of infectious disease to human, animal, plant and environmental health.

The Institute for Materials Research (IMR) is the gateway to Ohio State’s materials-allied research enterprise. Signature research areas include photovoltaics, magnetoelectronics, biomaterials and biosensors, computation materials and polymers.

To bring together Ohio State’s cyber strengths across a number of fields and disciplines, the Office of Research is launching the Institute for Cybersecurity and Digital Trust. The multi-disciplinary institute will build upon the world-class research efforts already being conducted at Ohio State and will provide the research, academic and operational foundation to address cybersecurity and digital trust issues and their impacts on society.

The Translational Data Analytics Institute (TDAI) is advancing Ohio toward becoming a global hub for the development, application and study of translational data analytics solution. TDAI is enabling collaboration and innovation in translational analytics and contributing nationally and internationally to the maturation of translational data analytics as a field.

Core Facilities

The Campus Chemical Instrument Center (CCIC) provides state-of-the-art research facilities to the Ohio State research community in the areas of nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry and proteomics.
The Campus Microscopy and Imaging Facility (CMIF) offers a full range of microscopy for university faculty, staff and students as well as researchers outside the university.