Seeking Solutions in Research Integrity

A View from All Perspectives

September 23, 2018
The Blackwell Inn and Conference Center
The Ohio State University

This one-day national conference brought together multiple stakeholders – researchers, institutions, publishers, funders, scientific societies, the press and federal agencies – to discuss concerns in research integrity from different perspectives. Attendees reflected on current efforts to address those concerns and helped lay the foundation to detail next steps in fostering changes to enhance integrity in research.

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Questions addressed:

  • How can institutions use the NASEM Report on Fostering Integrity in Research to effect positive change?

    Robert Nerem, PhD, Institute Professor Emeritus, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Chair of the NAS Committee of Responsible Science, will discuss best practices in research integrity for researchers, research institutions and journals.

  • What can institutions do to create a more effective environment for scientists to perform research reflecting the highest standards of research integrity?

    Senior institutional officials, including vice presidents for research, discuss novel approaches implemented at their universities for creating a culture that promotes research integrity.

  • How can senior research leaders help their universities manage complex research misconduct matters?

    Senior vice presidents for research discuss methods to enable efficient handling of research misconduct proceedings and best practices for managing case information after case resolution.

  • What are current and developing guidance/policies from institutions and journals to tackle emerging research integrity issues?

    Research Integrity officials and journal editors address authorship issues, data management trends and efforts for transparency in scientific publications.

  • What are the editorial challenges in managing falsification, fabrication and plagiarism?

    Journal editors discuss managing research misconduct allegations, dealing with old papers, how and when to contact institutions, the timing of retractions or corrections and confidentiality concerns.

  • How can research misconduct proceedings be handled to adapt to the current complexity of cases and adhere to confidentiality requirements and demands for transparency?

    Current and former Research Integrity Officers (RIOs) discuss pressing issues in research misconduct including managing public complaints/allegations, clinical research misconduct issues, student records (FERPA) concerns and the rise in false claims act cases.

  • Next steps: Where do we go from here?

    A summary of the Ohio State University Research Integrity Summit topics and future actions.

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