Research Compliance

Negotiating Regulations and Overcoming Barriers

The research landscape has become much more complex and facilitating research has become correspondingly more difficult in an era of increasing regulation of all aspects of research activity. It is crucial that our research be in compliance with requirements of the federal and state government regulating human subjects, animal subjects, conflict of interest, export controls, oversight of large-scale clinical trials, and fiscal responsibility. It is equally important that we have coherent policies and procedures to support these and other aspects of research, including inventions/intellectual property and commercialization activities. But our policies and procedures must be developed and implemented in a way that maximizes flexibility for researchers and does not subject them to unnecessary bureaucracy.

The Office of Research Compliance (ORC) supports and promotes ethical research practices at Ohio State. ORC coordinates the institution-wide research compliance policy and procedure development – ensuring that the university is compliant with federal, state, and local regulations. ORC also ensures that Ohio State researchers are compliant with university policies.

ORC works with investigators, department chairs, and deans to assure completion of the university’s faculty conflict of interest policy and develops management plans for conflict of interest cases. ORC also negotiates, manages, and monitors export control issues; reviews allegations of misconduct in research in scholarly activities; and provides guidance for research involving human gene transfer. The ORC team is available to help researchers minimize and manage potential compliance risks.

Chemical security, research diving oversight, general research policies, and the anonymous reporting line also fall under ORC’s domain.

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