Business and Industry Collaborations

Research in the future will be more and more collaborative and multidisciplinary in nature, and will become increasingly a national and international enterprise. Expanding our partnerships with business and industry is a crucial component of Ohio State’s research future.

Launched in 2008, the Industry Liaison Office (ILO) facilitates seamless collaborations between Ohio State researchers and business and industry and fosters economic development opportunities locally, nationally, and globally. The ILO has become the “front door” to the university for businesses and industries seeking to build new partnerships or strengthen existing collaborations with Ohio State researchers. The ILO actively seeks out companies interested in building collaborative relationships with Ohio State while aggressively promoting the university’s potential (i.e., research expertise, emerging technologies, facilities, laboratories, equipment, etc.) as a strong partner to business and industry.

The ILO can help you forge strategic collaborations with companies looking for your specific area of expertise, find funding for your research, identify learning experiences and internship opportunities for your students, meet key leaders in your targeted research area, and work with Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Transfer to move your intellectual property toward commercialization. The ILO also can connect you with other Ohio State researchers working in your area of expertise.

You can play a role in fostering economic development in Ohio and beyond. Keep the ILO informed about your research activities, your ongoing industry collaborations, your potential new collaborations, etc.

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