Ohio State’s Research Profile

Leading Innovation, Generating Solutions

The breadth, scope, and excellence of our research programs make Ohio State a leading force of innovation and change – locally, nationally, and globally. Ohio State’s nearly 64,000 students, 3,900 faculty, and 23,000 staff members are engaged in a variety of research and discovery, teaching and learning, and outreach and engagement activities that is truly astounding.

New discoveries and innovations are everywhere and the enthusiasm of the Ohio State research community is palpable. Ohio State researchers are helping to solve some of society’s biggest challenges. Their breakthroughs in basic science are paving the way for the new technologies of the future.

Ohio State is one of only a few universities in the U.S. that, in a single location, houses 14 different colleges, including seven health sciences colleges and a college of agriculture. Research activities are emerging from departmental and college silos and occurring within collaborative networks that stretch across traditional boundaries, both within and outside the university.

Collaboration and partnership are the watchwords for the future, and through these, solutions to our greatest challenges will be surely be found.

Ohio State by the Numbers: FY 2013

  • $967 million: Total research and development (R&D) expenditures
  • $481 million: Federal R&D expenditures
  • $111 million: Industry-sponsored research expenditures

Ten-year Research Funding Profile (2004-2013)*

Ohio State 10 Research Funding graph for FY 13



Federally-Financed R&D Activity (FY 2013)

Ohio State Federally Financed R&D table for FY 13