Ohio State’s Research Profile

Leading Innovation, Generating Solutions

The breadth, scope, and excellence of our research programs make Ohio State a leading force of innovation and change – locally, nationally, and globally. Ohio State is one of only a few universities in the U.S. that, in a single location, houses 15 different colleges, including seven health sciences colleges and a college of agriculture.

At Ohio State we have all of the tools that are needed—the creative minds, the expertise, the experience and the world-class facilities—to discover innovative solutions to complex problems.

Ohio State by the Numbers: FY 2016

  • $847.1 million: Total research and development (R&D) expenditures
  • $456.9 million: Federal R&D expenditures
  • $127.7 million: Industry-sponsored research expenditures

Ten-year Research Funding Profile: R&D Expenditures

Ten-year Research Funding Profile




Federal R&D Expenditures (FY 2016)

Federal R&D Expenditures



Non-Federal R&D Expenditures (FY 2016)

Non-Fedearl R&D Expendiitures


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