Extending our global reach

We are broadening our international strategy and encouraging the rise of Global Gateways. These Gateways serve as home bases for the university’s expanding teaching and research collaborations around the world and connect thousands of students and alumni living and working abroad.

Current Gateways:

  • Shanghai, China (2010)
  • Mumbai, India (2012)
  • São Paulo, Brazil (2014)

The university has been strategically engaged in Brazil for more than fifty years. A research partnership between Ohio State and Fundacão Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (FAPESP) established a $1.4 million funding source to build on existing collaborations and support research and innovation. The partnership encourages researchers at Ohio State and any university in the state of São Paulo to collaborate on studies that can help citizens in both countries and people around the world.



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