Message from the Vice President

Achieving greater impact through collaboration

Ohio State’s research community is one of the most comprehensive in the nation, and its breadth and excellence make it a leading force for change locally, nationally and globally. In my role as vice president for research, I am privileged to serve as an advocate and unified voice for research across Ohio State and share the successes of the more than 5,000 faculty, staff and students, representing all 15 colleges, who are making ground-breaking discoveries and creating new technologies that address society’s critical issues.

Ask our researchers what sets Ohio State apart and they will tell you: the power of interdisciplinary work. Convergent research is not just a “trend” here—our work embodies the interdisciplinary, as together we facilitate and capture opportunities. And we do this because we know that when we work together, we have greater impact.

The real value of Ohio State research is the IMPACT that is has on society—the real ways in which research changes lives. For our students, for our communities here in Ohio, as well as nationally and globally—our research makes a difference. Health is improved, the environment is cleaner, food is more accessible, and so much more—because of the work that we do here at Ohio State.

In my role as an advocate and voice for research at this university, I will keep telling the stories that represent the best of what we do. And I will continue to help shape the face of interdisciplinary research across campus so that we continue to make connections that cross disciplines and colleges, institutions, regions, nations and the globe.

I would like to share with you some highlights from 2014-2015 that exemplify the collaborative impact of Ohio State research.

Caroline Whitacre
Vice President for Research