Message from the Vice President

Ohio State researchers are making discoveries and creating new technologies that address society’s critical issues, including identifying new and renewable energy sources, meeting the global demand for sufficient and secure food supplies, overcoming disease and maximizing health and well-being, and creating global economies that erase poverty and provide an enhanced quality of life. Their stellar accomplishments expand the frontiers of knowledge and scholarship every day.

The university’s research mission to be a driver of new discoveries is entwined with its land-grant mission to facilitate economic progress for the state of Ohio and the nation. Ohio State’s active participation in statewide initiatives such as the Third Frontier Program has created strong linkages with other universities and key industries in targeted technology sectors across the state, forming the infrastructure of an economic transformation of Ohio that will continue well into the future. Increasing emphasis on commercializing Ohio State discoveries to bring them into the public domain is also an integral component of this mission.

The research activities of our faculty lead to an extraordinary enrichment of the experience of our students that is realized at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The research training provided to our graduate students creates the next generation of scholars well-prepared to advance knowledge and discovery. The extension of research opportunities to an ever-increasing group of undergraduate students adds a dimension of experience to the undergraduate education that simply cannot be duplicated in the classroom. Our students learn the joy as well as the rigors of new discovery, and acquire skills of inquiry, evaluation, and communication that provide a foundation for the next phases of their careers and lives.

To continue Ohio State’s solid progress toward achieving research eminence and bringing the full power of our intellectual capital to achieve a vision for society’s future will require strong support from university leadership. We must advance the university’s research agenda, invest in promising new initiatives, optimize research support services, and enhance our commercialization potential. Ohio State’s research community is perhaps the most comprehensive in the nation, and its breadth and excellence make it a leading force for change locally, nationally, and globally.