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Updates to the Buck-IRB system

Posted: August 19, 2016

Several updates to the Buck-IRB system went into effect on August 18, 2016. A number of the updates address requests made by investigators and research staff to enhance the Buck-IRB Work experience.

The updates are described below:

  • in order to prevent errors on the Informed Consent page, whenever a verbal or online script is selected, the request for waiver of consent documentation (or parental permission documentation, as appropriate) will automatically be made by the system
  • an alert has been added to the personal workspace for all Buck-IRB users to indicate if a study is pending signature(s)
  • a Final Study Report form and submission instructions are now available
  • an upload box is now available for studies requesting an Alteration of HIPAA Authorization
  • all personnel listings now have consistent displays of investigator financial conflict of interest (COI) information across all areas and access levels
  • a new action of ‘No Review Required’ was added to Buck-IRB for projects that either do not represent research involving human subjects or where Ohio State is not engaged in the research

Additional updates were made to satisfy regulatory or policy requirements. They are outlined below:

  • investigators studying investigational or FDA-approved drugs will be asked to confirm whether the pending research includes botulinum toxin in any form
  • continuing review expiration letters will state that study reactivation can only occur within 60 days of expiration or a new study must be submitted
  • new instructions are provided for investigators submitting a continuing review after the study has expired and has been terminated in the system

Many other changes will occur with this Buck-IRB update to improve workflow for ORRP staff and IRB members, though the majority will occur behind the scenes with little or no direct impact on investigators.

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